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As a holistic healthcare practitioner, I recognize that compassion and love for one another takes work, and that overcoming centuries of systemic racism and discrimination demands constant vigilance, action and collaboration. I stand committed to anti-racist practices that root out bias, discrimination and oppression throughout the medical field. I strive to help create a world that is just and safe for all, with equitable laws, social opportunities and access to healthcare that meet the needs of every human being in our global community.
I am open to dialogue and would love to connect with any resources you may have to recommend. I am committed to continued work on my own implicit and explicit biases and strive to learn and adapt every day. Thank you for being in this process together with me. Together we can move toward a healthier and more equitable society for all!

People come to acupuncture with everything from acute injuries and chronic pain and discomfort, to problems sleeping and overall stress reduction. These conditions can overwhelmingly impact daily life and keep you from feeling your best.

I offer therapeutic acupuncture and other healing modalities that are designed to fit your individual needs. Come in and learn how these therapies can help you feel well enough to resume activities that you've reluctantly given up, and restore your health and vitality!


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