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Customer Reviews

Amy Pagliarini Sep 24, 2021: I have been seeing Stacey for a few years now. What I love about her is that every session, I feel seen, heard and never rushed. She is warm, down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. Her expertise gives me all the confidence in her ability to heal. I started seeing her to help with my peri-menopausal symptoms, my hot flashes are gone & my sleep has improved! Whatever “issue” I show up with she passionately and sincerely supports me. I’m beyond grateful and can’t recommend her enough.

Sofia P Aug 5, 2021: Stacey is incredible thorough and so caring. She really takes the time to listen and understand why you have come, and come up with the best solutions to your problems. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Mary C Apr 24, 2021: I come back to Restore Wellness time and again after feeling let down by western medicine. Stacey's approach is both holistic and individual. She acknowledges what's going on in your life and how that manifests in your body (and vice versa, how what's going on in your body can impact your mental and emotional wellbeing). I feel like I learn more about myself in each session and leave with a restored connection of mind and body.

M.M. Apr 11, 2021: Stacey is a rare find, I think. She is very knowledgeable, deeply thoughtful and caring, and consistently provides truly excellent care and suggestions/feedback. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Jordana E Jan 24, 2021: I’ve been going to Stacey for over 8 years and she truly is a miracle worker. She has a calm, gentle demeanor, which instantly makes you feel comfortable. I was thrilled when she was able to reopen the office, knowing that all the proper precautions are taken makes me feel at ease during my appointment.

Judith Boroson Dec 3, 2020: I am always amazed by the depth and extent of Stacey Kaplan's knowledge about the body and how to address the various problems that arise through overuse, misuse as well as discomforts arising from the ever-present mind-body effects. Stacey is always interested, thoughtful and warm.

Inna V Jun 22, 2020: Stacey is really the best, every time I leave the place I feel so much better. She is so professional and amazing at her work. I just went to see Stacey after the COVID break, I could not wait, and was so impressed with all the new procedures and precautions. The place is spotless, very clean, the appointments are spaced out, I felt safe and amazing as always. I can turn my neck finally and I am so relaxed! Look forward to the next time. Sincerely, Inna

Judith Boroson Mar 8, 2020: Stacey Kaplan is so thoroughly professional. She is focused, she hears my issues and addresses them thoughtfully and with precision, she is kind and keenly observant. I have been seeing her for a few years now, when new problems occur, when old problems threaten to resurface, and she always sends me off feeling better and confident that I can keep moving freely. I am grateful.

K.J. Jun 14, 2019: I have been working with Stacey for several years, throughout changes in life and health she has always been a key support to balancing and healing my body and mind. From being a busy executive, constantly traveling in need of stress relief, to working on various health issues, Stacey's acupuncture treatments, body work, and lifestyle and diet advice, to continue healing outside the treatment room, have been an invaluable resource for me. I highly recommend her.

Kathy Neily Jun 9, 2019: Feeling physically crippled because of back issues and dreading my upcoming birthday because my husband died, I walked into the office. Left feeling anew - physically and emotionally.

J.F. Mar 4, 2019: Unbelievable knowledge and ability to recognize problem areas and to treat both by massage and as well with acupuncture --Stacey is amazing--

Aliesha Dec 4, 2018: I have been seeing Stacey Kaplan for many months now, and I feel confident saying that she is an excellent practitioner. She is caring, thoughtful and focused. She listens and analyses every facet of my ailment, carefully plans treatments and always leaves me better than when I came in. I am really glad that I was recommended to her and now recommend her to everyone. She is a rare jewel.

Lisa Sanders Nov 22, 2018: Stacey is the best at what she does and is an amazing person. She is the best listener I have ever met. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Judith Boroson Nov 10, 2018: Stacey Kaplan is a knowledgable and thoughtful practitioner. She carefully analyzes the issues I present before beginning the treatment and remains focused throughout her process with me. I am grateful to be in her hands.

Gail Cox Oct 19, 2018: Stacey is so gifted. She has a calm, friendly nature, and she truly listens. She provides focused, considerate attention throughout the process. I have derived much benefit from her treatments, and have appreciated her generosity with her knowledge and time. Highly recommend her.

Jenna Hill Oct 13, 2018: I am always received with care and consideration and leave feeling well and on the path to health and happiness.

Jill K Aug 22, 2018: Stacey always takes the time to listen to and understand my concerns and then incorporates them into her work. She is open about her process and offers choices. She also explores what I can be doing for my health outside of the sessions. Stacey also checks in and makes sure I’m comfortable. Most importantly, I feel better now that I’m seeing her.

Alissa M Jun 29, 2018: Stacey truly took her time to explain and speak to you on an individual basis, step by step before the treatment. She truly wanted to hear about your concerns and what your ultimate goal was in acupuncture. She was gentle and relaxing. Truly a gem of an acupuncturist!

Ciara H Jun 6, 2018: Stacey is knowledgeable, specific, her energy and demeanor are very calming. She's an excellent listener, and she's very good at explaining why or how certain things work or are connected. I've loved every session I've had with her. Definitely recommend you check her out!

Jeff F May 19, 2018: Went to see what could be done with severe pain in back and leg--had issues walking and sleeping etc Stacy asked about the issues--this is the second day and the pain is gone and had a pain free nights sleep Excellent treatment-cant't wait for the next session Beyond excellent

sair g Mar 18, 2018: Stacey is a gem. She actively listens and responds thoughtfully and with tremendous knowledge. She has helped me with, among other things- running injuries, digestive issues, and night sweats. I cannot say enough positive things about her. She has worked with my teenage daughters and my husband. I think of her as my primary care person. Whether it is acupuncture, cupping or massage, she is skilled and intuitive. She is professional, personable and very kind.

PAULINA R Mar 16, 2018: Stacy is a rare find in NYC. Her unique background in dance, understanding of the body and passion to heal result in the loveliest and most transformative sessions. Her eclectic approach is tailored to whatever you need the day you come to visit, she spends time talking to you first to get a good understanding of where you are physically and emotionally. Her treatments are very effective, she has really helped me release tension and regain energy. The room is also very nice, tidy and clean.

Vanessa S Jan 15, 2018: I went in for a "reset" kind of treatment. After a stressful few months of working on a project I was totally switched and my body was out of wack, my adrenals were shot and my immune system was weak from stress. Stacey carefully listened to my grievances, was very respectful of my personal space and was very kind. There's an intercom in the room too so if you get uncomfortable, you don't have to remain that way. Amazing experience. Highly recommend!


Mike F Dec 22, 2017: I see Stacey every month or two for regular maintenance or for a specific injury or discomfort. Stacey has helped me, over the years, with back spasms, a frozen shoulder and occasional foot, knee or wrist discomfort. She offers targeted treatments and, when appropriate, specific strengthening or stretching exercises. She is highly professional and competent.

Venita McLemore Sep 14, 2017: Acupuncture sessions with Stacey have literally changed my life. I have less pain and more functionality in my limbs. I have monthly acupuncture treatments and after PT, massage, and other various treatments this is the only thing that works. I highly recommend Stacey she is one of the best in the city.

Dillon E Jun 29, 2017: Stacey is an incredibly sensitive acupuncturist. Her work restored by sprained plantar fascia back to 100% within a month from a bad fall. I willl continue going to her for any future physical ailments as long as she's around!

Bryce M May 15, 2017: I have been dealing with chronic pain for almost three years and have gone to multiple different PT and acupuncture sites over this time. In the one session I have had thus far with Stacy she was able to release tension and pinpoint spots that were never even addressed in all this time. I already feel much better and even my mood has begun to be more upbeat. I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone whether you have minor or a chronic issue she is the best!

Matthew Frank May 6, 2017: This was my first acupuncture experience and I'm already feeling extremely positive results after just 3 days. Stacey was very thorough and worked with me to make sure I was comfortable with everything. She even gave me some easy stretches to do on my own in order to make sure the relief lasts. Thank you Stacey!

Kathy Neily Apr 11, 2017: Neck and shoulders in knots. Kept thinking it would get better...or, my go to: "It's really not that bad", I keep telling myself. Thank God I came to my senses and booked an appointment with the one person who I know I can count on to untie my knots. One in a trillion: Stacey Kaplan

Marisa G Mar 2, 2017: Stacey listened to everything I had to say and tailored her treatment to my concerns. She is very calming and I left relaxed and feeling much better. This was my first time and I will definitely be going back!!

A. Van Buren Feb 9, 2017: I've been going to Stacey for a year now and during every appointment she has listened to both what's going on in my body and my life and adjusted her treatment thoughtfully to address all of my needs. Her knowledge is incredibly deep and her insight and advice has always been spot on. I always leave her office feeling relaxed thanks to her calming energy, and with my pain level greatly decreasing over the course of the week. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

NICOLE C Feb 9, 2017: I had my first acupuncture session ever with Stacey and it was a wonderful experience! She listened to my concerns and was great at explaining everything that would happen in the session. She is very knowledgeable and her energy soothing. The atmosphere was light and comfortable. After the session, my injuries and concerns are much improved! I look forward to another session with Stacey.

Courtney G Nov 21, 2016: I was referred to Stacey by a good friend and I'm so glad I finally made an appt! Stacey has an extremely calming presence and made me feel comfortable from our very first meeting. This was my first experience trying acupuncture and I now feel very confident in Stacey's hands. I look forward to many more treatments with her!

N.R. Oct 26, 2016: Stacey has treated both my wife and I for several years starting with my back injury. She is professional, kind, and focused on our needs. I have referred her many times to others in need of relief. She is an intergral part of our healthcare because she does such a great job and gets results.

J.S. Oct 16, 2016: I rarely get a massage, and when I do, Stacey is my go to. On the rare occasion that I have gone somewhere else, I always think, "Should have gone to Stacey." Interpersonally, she is great. Caring and very funny. Massage wise - she knows what she is doing! Can't wait to go back!

K.B. Jun 23, 2016: Stacey was professional and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my first acupuncture session. More importantly, I felt some immediate improvements in my condition. I look forward to working with Stacey again and recommend her to others.

L.S. Jun 22, 2016: Stacey has given me tremendous relief from arthritis in my neck and shoulders and I just generally feel better. She know what she is doing!

Jessica D Apr 21, 2016: Stacy Kaplan very quickly assimilates the information I give her, asks clarifying questions, and provides precisely tailored treatments for every injury/challenge/goal. Her treatments and homework have markedly improved my life, every single time. I am so grateful that she shares her many gifts and tremendous experience.

Karen Roth Apr 16, 2016: I treasure the excellence and outstanding talent Stacy Kaplan brings to her work. Without her I would not be able to walk or retain overall mobility.

M.C. Mar 3, 2016: I have visited Stacey to deal with several different injuries and am always blown away by her magic. Besides spew sessions have helped me learn how to take better care of myself and my body in daily life.

T.H. Feb 3, 2016: Just had my first session with Stacey and it won't be my last. She really listened for the details of the muscles that were giving me problems, then got right to solving them! Already the quality of my life has improved and I look forward to working with her again and again. Lovely space too.

Miriam L Jan 4, 2016: I took a fall while walking a friend's dog. Another friend referred me to Stacey. I have had acupuncture for many years and I was extremely pleased with Stacey's work. She is very professional and knowledgeable and a great listener. I felt better after my first session and look forward to continue working with her as the need arises. I highly recommend her.

Teri H Jan 2, 2016: Stacey is a skilled and intuitive practitioner. She is amazing! At the beginning of each session Stacey spends time with her clients so that she can provide the most effective and comprehensive treatments. I have been seeing Stacey for over 8 years and I always feel better after a session. I consider myself lucky to know her and I heartily recommend her to anyone and everyone.

K.J. Nov 15, 2015: Stacey is incredible. A full integral treatment to my body, mind and spirit! I plan to return for as many sessions needed to deal with my back pain and anxiety. I highly recommend Stacey for her work in massage and acupuncture.

D.L.S. Nov 5, 2015: I have seen Stacey several times in the past and she has been unbelievably helpful with my myriad physical issues. Most recently, I came in with a migraine that I had had for four days. Immediately after her treatment, I felt better. After a good night's sleep, I was right as rain the next day. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a truly gifted healer.

Bernice N Gordon Sep 23, 2015: Totally devoted to hearing my situation. I felt well cared for and treated with sincerity as well as experiencing a competent provider.

Amy S Sep 1, 2015: I have been seeing Stacey regularly for acupuncture since the fall of 2013. She is FANTASTIC in EVERY way. From the moment you walk in, she really takes the time to listen to you and mentally absorb all that you are telling her. You can see that her mental wheels are turning as she listens, trying to come up with the best plan of action to get you feeling better soon. Her technique is very gentle and she also incorporates a hint of massage and sometimes essential oil into your session. A ++

F.J. Jul 15, 2015: I had never been to an acupuncturist before and was a little nervous. Stacey Kaplan was patient and calm with me. She took her time to explain the steps before we started and continued to monitor my comfort all through out the process. The pain I felt when I had arrived is completely gone. I will definitely recommend Restore Wellness and visit again myself in the future.

L.F. Apr 29, 2015: I am such a big fan of Stacey! I have been seeing her for almost two years and she has helped me with anything and everything I have needed - muscles, tensions, sinuses, stress, etc. She is fantastic.

Karen Roth Apr 5, 2015: Though not a dancer, I was referred through friends in the dance world and can not rave enough about the life saving pain relief I have experienced from acupuncture and by far the best massages I have ever had. I have referred others who have had similar success .

Andrea Nouryeh Mar 19, 2015: Stacey is a former dancer and knows the body very well. She is a skilled practitioner of massage therapy and acupuncture. Her patient, caring manner and her concern for each individual she sees is extraordinary. For those somewhat squeamish about the sensations of needles, she teaches a breathing technique that allows you to breathe with each insertion and trains you to relax. I've had acupuncture before but Stacey is by far the best I have seen.

Steven Feder Mar 11, 2015: Stacy Kaplan is a healer. Was recommended by a colleague who also felt that, yes acupuncture is a proven way to relieve pain but who administrated it is just as important Ms Kaplan is a caring, gentle individual who I know will do or try anything to heal my pain. Not bad for your soul as well!

Sandra S Mar 5, 2015: Stacey has this calm demeanor about her which relaxes you when you are in her presence. She is also caring and want to help you improve your ailments. I was scared to try acupuncture but working with Stacey put me at ease and now I try to see her once a week. I definitely feel better after a session with her. I really enjoy our sessions.

John S Dec 31, 2014: I highly recommend Stacey as she has done wonders for my back, neck and shoulders. I have had long term back problems and Stacey has helped relieve pain and basically eliminated a back spasm and muscle knots.

Laura V Sep 11, 2014: I see Stacey regularly for acupuncture. She has helped me with everything from a busted hamstring to a post-surgery foot to depression, anxiety and insomnia. She always listens with a compassionate ear and creates a safe space for both mind and body. I always look forward to my sessions with her and recommend her to everyone I know!

Elizabeth Hulings Apr 23, 2014: Stacy is just fantastic! She is very intuitive and really listens. She is also up for a challenge. I have had neck issues for my entire life and Stacy's treatments are the first and only thing that I believe may fix the problem and not just relieve symptoms. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

L.F. Feb 27, 2014: Stacey is wonderful. She asks and she listens, she explains, and she is gentle. Her office is spotless. I highly recommend her.

Kat Wildish Jan 16, 2014: Besides being a superb practitioner Stacey is very experienced and highly knowledgeable wonderful person. She answered all my questions and gave me all the time I needed. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, with a heart of gold.She diagnosed my problem with great accuracy and took time to answer my questions.She is honest about treatments and explains everything in a most comforting way.I appreciate her dedication,compassion,thoroughness and honesty. I highly recommend her.

sara K Dec 10, 2013: I've gone to Stacey for several years for treatment of chronic sinusitis, sleep issues and back and shoulder pain. She understand how the mind and body is connected and has helped me feel healthier and more balanced in my daily life. Her office is a warm and calming space and she has a wealth of knowledge about holistic health and well being. She is a professional who genuinely wants her clients to feel healthy in all aspects of their lives. I highly recommend her to friends and family.

Danny Moeller Nov 5, 2013: I suffer from back issues which started as a child but most recently came in the form of a herniated disc. I have gone to Stacy for acupuncture and massage and she really knows her stuff. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend Stacey!

D.N. Sep 25, 2013: I refer all my friends to Stacey! Because she ROCKS!!! She has the most soothing touch ever. I always go in feeling all knotted up and a mile a minute and leave feeling light as a feather physically, mentally, emotionally. So good! Oh, and a wealth of knowledge about all of anything acupuncture! And my digestion's better & allergies are gone! Thank you, Stacey!

Jordana E Sep 24, 2013: I went to Stacey originally for my migraines, after 2 sessions I felt relief that I never thought would come. She takes the time to listen to your complaints and then works her magic. I am immediately relaxed by her calm, soothing demeanor and highly recommend her.

Gina Fata Moeller Sep 11, 2013: Stacey has a great talent for healing people. I think she has "healing hands" that work with your body to make you feel better than when you walked into her office. She heals your mind, body, and spirit. Stacey is knowledgable, professional, and kind. Stacey is a "beautiful spirit", because she is a great person as well as massage therapist and acupuncturist. Her soul is loving and gentle to your body, which helps her to understand what is going on with each individual.

Judith Boroson Aug 27, 2013: Stacey Kaplan understands the body both with her intelligence and her hands. She understands function, knows theory, and listens to both what I say and how my body responds. I think she's remarkable.

Ana P Jul 16, 2013: I am a professional dance instructor and performer. A week ago I made a 911 appointment with her. Walking into Stacy's office unable to walk well, but after our acupuncture session I was able to apply weight. Besides the effective treatments, Stacy helps you recover out of her office with exercises, heat or ice suggestions, and other ointments to apply for a clear road to recovery. I highly recommend Stacy.

Tom C Jun 10, 2013: I have had upper back problems for a long time (painful muscle tightness that turns into knots which result in overall stiffness and discomfort). I have literally tried everything. Seeing Stacey for acupuncture has been the only thing that has proven to be a long-term effective solution. I would highly recommend Stacey.

Emily S May 14, 2013: I went to see Stacey for trigger point acupuncture to help relax my shoulders which have been subject to on going tension (and dislocations). I've only had one session so far but Stacey immediately filled me with confidence. She listed carefully as I described my condition, really seemed to understand the medical problem and my concerns and described a treatment plan that I am really happy with. Even though it is early days, I would highly recommend Stacey.

Rasmus Johansen May 8, 2013: Stacey is a great acupuncturist, pure and simple. Have had great results both with shorter and longer term ailments. She's also great just for "tune ups." Can't recommend her enough.

Jenny E Apr 20, 2013: I have several serious health problems and maximum stress the last two years. My acupuncture session pulled a cork wedged somewhere within and there was such a release I cannot explain. I have traveled the world and this was the first session I've had, outside of Ageless Acupuncture in Seattle, that truly helped. She knows what she is doing and takes the time to truly hit one's specific meridian lines and points. I cannot express enough joy and gratitude from her help.

Amy H Nov 18, 2012: Stacey's calm professionalism and caring are clearly evident in her approach to addressing my issues. She made sound well founded recommendations and patiently explained what she was doing and it's potential benefits. Stacey employed a combination of therapies to tackle a stubborn issue and I began to feel some relief in her skillful confident hands. I will most certainly return.

Robert D Jul 23, 2012: I was doubtful that acupuncture could give me relief for my chronic shoulder pain, but after referring some friends to Stacy (she's always been my favorite massage therapist) and hearing them rave about her acupuncture, I decided to give it a try. What a huge difference it made immediately! She released muscles that had been knotted for years. She takes her time, is an expert at what she does, and has a genuinely caring bedside manner. I heartily recommend.

Teri H Mar 23, 2012: Stacey has been my massage therapist for many years and recently she's become my acupuncturist. She is a warm, caring, intuitive person and a skilled, knowledgeable, talented therapist. I trust her implicitly to treat me and she informs me about how to help myself with homeopathic remedies, stretching etc. She is the best. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I couldn't ask for anything more.

M.P. Feb 17, 2012: Acupuncture is very new to me at a promising age of 57. Stacey's approach to the care and attention in combining Eastern and Western medicine is eye opening. Even for someone who has never had acupuncture. She makes you feel comfortable, explains every step to you so you know what to expect. After a few weeks I can see how her care into healing has helped improve my various medical conditions. She is very unique in her approach to healing others. I would recommend her w/o reservation.



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