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New Year 2014

by Stacey Kaplan LAc, LMT

Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Today marks the first day of a new lunar year, the year of the Wood Horse. Each year has it's connection to an animal and an element. There are twelve animals and five elements that cycle through and give each year it's own individual characteristics. 

The horse is a dynamic, powerful, determined and loyal animal with the potential for rapid movement and changing directions. With this enthusiastic motivation behind us, it seems like a great time to check in with our goals and objectives and plan for a productive year achieving what's important to us.

The wood element is associated with growth, strength, flexibility and something fresh and new coming out or breaking through. This year harbors huge potential for change. Change can be turbulent at times, but a strong wood element is flexible and sturdy through the turmoil.

This year carries huge potential for creation and growth. Good luck to everyone in this coming year!