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Offering telehealth sessions!

by Stacey Kaplan LAc, LMT


I hope you're staying healthy and as sane as possible! A central tenant of Chinese medicine is that change is really the only constant in life and we will maintain health only when we learn to live in relationship to change and not in resistance to it. Through practice, I've become relatively good at taking the small, daily, inevitable bumps in the road in stride, for the most part. But I am consistently surprised to find places where I'm unconsciously resisting change.

Early on, I had some requests for online consultations and sessions during this time in isolation. Since I have always worked hands-on with people, I wouldn't even consider that possibility. However, in an attempt to stay adaptive and open to possibility, I have done a couple of online sessions and they've proven to be fulfilling and beneficial all around. Who knew?!

In the spirit of being adaptive to change, I am now offering online or phone sessions until it's safe to come together in person again!

We can meet using FaceTime, What's App, or set up a Zoom meeting online. If that kind of tech is not your forte, a good old phone call is good too.

Sessions will be 30-40 mins long and then I'll also send a full follow up recap of what we discussed in our session so you have our plan in writing to refer to afterward. The cost is $60, and any herbs that might be prescribe will be extra. Since it's unclear whether insurance will pay for these sessions, they will have to be covered out of pocket, but they can always be submitted afterward to insurance for potential reimbursement.

In these sessions, we will utilize a combination of some of the following to create a health plan that works for your specific needs right now:

Acupressure, Breathing techniques, Qi Gong health cultivating exercises, Feng Shui changes to your environment, Chinese herbs, Dietary adjustments, Mediation, Visualization and Stretches.

Many of you have wonderful self care tools in your tool box to utilize during this time, so please double down on the techniques you know work for you as we navigate through this period.

If some guidance might be helpful in that respect, then I am happy to explore what tools could help bring you back into some balance and cultivate resilience.

These sessions are open only to existing clients. Please reach out to me via email, text or phone to book an appointment, or respond to this email!